How to Make an Onion Grill Cleaner

How to Make an Onion Grill Cleaner
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A disgusting grill top is something no cook ever wants to encounter. Leave your outdoor grill neat and clean using this one simple trick. As an added bonus, this nifty idea will not only clean your grill but also season it!




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1. Cut onion in half. You will need the entire half of the onion to clean the grill. If the grill is especially dirty, save the other onion half in the event you need to continue cleaning after you’ve used the first onion.


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2. Stab the onion half with your grill spear. Make sure you use actual grill equipment as you will need some length and strength behind you.


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3. Apply onion to a hot grill. This part is important as cleaning it won’t work if the grill is cold. The hot grill combined with the onion juices will loosen and lift any baked on grime.Rub onion over the grates several times until you see residual food/grime lift from the grates.Push food/residue off to one side of the grill or, if possible, off the entire grill and onto the floor.


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4. Wipe grill with wet kitchen towel as you work. Take extra care to protect your hands while doing so, so be sure you don’t make direct contact with the grill.

Things You’ll Need

  • White onion
  • Large grill fork/spear
  • Clean wet kitchen towel


  • Consider scrubbing down grill grates with an abrasive sponge or pad in between uses.
  • Add a thin layer of olive oil or non-stick spray before using grill to reduce future food buildup.

Source: How to Make an Onion Grill Cleaner