How to prepare your lawn equipment for fall and winter

How to prepare your lawn equipment for fall and winter
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Maintaining lawn equipment is a valuable practice that you should perform to extend the life and performance of your equipment. Neglecting your lawn tools can not only result in an unkempt lawn, but you may need to call in a landscaping expert while your equipment undergoes costly repairs.  Taking the time to care for your lawn mower and other tools now will mean more years of use, and better performance.

Start with the basics

Concerns about the coming colder weather don’t stop with higher heating bills. Poorly stored lawn equipment can be damaged during the winter, especially if any fuel in its tank is not stabilized. Proper storage will prevent build up of water in the mower’s gas tank, and the sticky film that forms from ethanol in the fuel. These impurities can prevent your equipment from starting when you are ready to use it. Filters on your lawn equipment are also important to maintain. After being used all season, your mower’s air filter needs a good cleaning to remove dust and debris.

Different equipment needs different attention

Once you have conquered the basic tasks for winterizing or storing your equipment, it’s time to begin to focus on the specifics that each tool might need. Start with your smaller tools and work toward maintaining the more complex equipment. Your line trimmer may need a more thorough cleaning to remove built up dirt than other tools, while an edging blade may need sharpening or small repairs to cords and hoses. Drain your equipment’s engines and add fresh oil. As you move towards the larger, more complicated tools like mowers and lawn tractors, there are more potential problems. Any belts should be checked for wear and replaced if necessary. Inflated tires should be inspected to make sure dry rot has not set in. Any equipment grease fittings will need to be cleaned and re-greased before storage.

A bit of preparation now will mean a quick start-up in the spring. Taking care of your lawn equipment now will save you time and frustration when it’s time to take your equipment out of storage and cut the tall grass. Proper storage and a little maintenance will keep your lawn equipment in good working order, and save you the frustration of heading to the hardware store when your mower won’t start. Thinking ahead with a little preventative care this fall and winter will make sure your lawn equipment is ready for action when spring comes around.