Furniture Assembly

-Recently purchased a piece of furniture with some-assembly-required? We can put together furniture like desks, tables, chairs, beds, shelves and more. We also can mount tv’s, hang pictures and mirrors, install closet organizers and anything thing else you can think of.

Monthly Air Filter Replacement

-Did you know it is recommended to replace your air filter once a month? Home air filters prevent dirt, dust and pet hair from entering you evap. coils and fan. 1/8th inch of dirt or dust on the evap. fan blades can cause over a 40% decrease in air flow! Causing your heater and A/C to run longer and costly repairs over time.

-What We Do: 1st Saturday of the month, we will provide and replace all the air filters in your home for a flat rate per month.

-All you have to do is call, text, or email your name, address, filter size(s) and height of ceiling (if the return is there) and let us know you would like to be added to the monthly filter service.

Standard Filter- $25 per filter

Premium Filter- $50 per filter

Minor Plumbing Tasks

-Have a leaky faucet or shower head? Or a toilet that randomly starts filling? We are here to help! From faucet and toilet repair/replacements, to removing and applying fresh caulking in the bathroom or kitchen, or installations like shower heads, towel bars, shower rods or any other hardware.

Minor Electrical Tasks

-Can’t get that pesky smoke alarm to stop chirping or don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach? Don’t hesitate to call us out! We can replace smoke alarm batteries to upgrading or changing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, we can replace light bulbs, install new light fixtures and/or ceiling fans, outlets, switches and plates.

Ceiling Fan Replacement- Starting at $200

Light Fixture Replacement- Starting at $100

Window Coverings

– Blinds and curtains can be a nuisance to get level, let us help! We can install blinds, curtain rods and any other window coverings you may need help with.

Interior Winterization

-This past year did you notice a draft around the front or back door? You may need a seal around that door! We can replace weatherstripping, door sweeps, caulking around doors and/or windows, and adjust the threshold for exterior doors.

Baby Proofing

-Have a wild child always getting into cabinets or drawers? We can baby proof the whole house with outlet covers, safety locks for doors and drawers, setting up baby gates, and anchoring furniture like dressers and bookshelves.

Hardware Installation

-New hardware is a small upgrade that can make a big impact! We can replace doorknobs, cabinet knobs, handles, deadbolts, locks or any others hardware you can think of.

General Yard Maintenance

-Notices weeds in the flower bed(s)? We can fix that! From weeding the flower bed(s), installing landscape fabric, laying fresh mulch and/or removing the old to disassembling seasonal furniture and putting up holiday lights and decorations.

Gutter Cleaning

Did you know it is recommended to have your gutters clean twice a year? Gutter cleaning prevents water damage from occurring to your home and also extends your roofs lifespan.

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